The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Course Review by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley writes: "I really enjoyed this course."

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation

BIG +10 congratulations to Margarita Foley for completing The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation with GoE trainer Silvia Hartmann!

SuperMind Master

BIG +10 congratulations to Margarita Foley for completing SuperMind Master with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi!

Modern Energy Tapping Professional

BIG +10 congratulations to Margarita Foley for completing Modern Energy Tapping Professional with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi!

The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

Winter 2018 edition of The Energist magazine.

Available to read online on smart phones, tablets and in browsers, plus also the option to download as an Adobe PDF file for printing out at home or for use with translation tools.

GoE2015 - P18 - Evolving Prayer in Project Sanctuary with Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley presenting on Evolving Prayer in Project Sanctuary at the GoE 2015 conference.

Prayer has many different connotations for each of us according to our experiences since childhood. This can create energetic resistance in us to the very idea of prayer. Now is the time to re-evaluate what prayer is and the powerful way it can ground us in who we truly are.

With Prayer in Project Sanctuary (SuperMind), you can get to know yourself through the wonderful experience of connection between your everyday mind and your deeper core.

We will also learn how to create a ‘Prayer Laboratory’ a place or space where we can meet friends or angels or guides who will assist us and help in our exploration.

You too, no matter who you are can enjoy the transforming power of prayer in Project Sanctuary.

Tapping and Spiritual Evolution

Energy Tapping is a gift that keeps giving. It can be used to  enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health. Margarita has discovered that it opens up a new perspective on spiritual enhancement. By looking at familiar rituals and prayers it is possible to come to a deeper awareness of the true spiritual,energetic movement underlying age old prayers and rituals. Not only does it bring spirituality into the concrete of our lives but it enables us to examine the implications for daily, social and political life. The answers we are seeking lie inside our own hearts and tapping is a portal.




Master Energist Course Review by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley writes: ""

EMO Article - The Energy Of Prayer

As a Catholic Sister and EMO Master Practitioner, Margarita Foley shows us how to enhance the power of prayer using EMO techniques, leaving you empowered and full of positive, spiritual energy.

Read on for the full article...

The Simple Secret To Wholeness

Because of our experiences in our family, our church or our school we have what is almost an allergic response to anything we perceive as religious. Let us revisit our familiar places, as the people we are today with the wonderful energy tools with which we have been gifted.Let us rediscover the hidden power of what we were already given although it was badly wrapped. Today let us enter the love and power of the words," Father may your name be held Holy"  

Modern Energy Trainer Course Review by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley writes: "I am so happy to have experienced this training."

About my Space Node

This is a place of welcome and discovery of the magic of how energy flows through everything and can be used to enhance the lives of people in every area of their lives. Here you will learn how our conscious mind helps our spirit/energy mind to release and transform that energy so that we can achieve things never dreamed of before.

The Snow Globe & God's Love

She has been struggling for a long time with her feelings around her relationship with her husband and her family. She has been through many distressful situations at her workplace and is experiencing frustration at not being able to find a job, which she says she really needs as their money is scarce.

Greetings from London

Emotrance brings a whole new depth and meaning to the words we use every day. We have even forgotten how to greet each other from the heart. How often do we hear people thank those who give us a service of one kind or another. I am not surprised when people in shops, bus drivers or others show little care and respect for their work tools or the work they do. They may well fell that no one notices or cares what they. What a difference it makes when someone pauses for a moment and thanks you from the heart, or just pauses and smiles. Of course we need a whole chage of consciousness and awareness to become the people we are meant to be, which is people who go from the heart to the head and express their true selves through the body.With Emotrance this is possible. Once we release all the little blockages that come from our sensitivities and hurts we can flow like we are meant to flow and be the people we are created to be. It is as simple as asking, "Where do I feel this in my body?" and softening and flowing what is blocked or entering into the energy of the words we use every day and speaking them from our heart.

The Day that Emotrance helped start a 'stuttering' car engine

When our car stopped dead in the middle of the motorway we were stunned for a moment. We imagined ourselves stranded out there not knowing who to call on. Although we are with AA in Britain this happened in Ireland and we forgot we could contact them. I sat and wondered what next and then Emotrance and Project Sanctuary both came to my assistance. Emotrance helped to clear the energy of the emotions and Project Sanctuary took me to the place whereI found the solution.

Politics and Emotrance

Where Emotions evoked by politics. feelings when your preferred candidate loses. the good of the country......

EMO & the Release of Blocked Emotions

EMO Trainer & presenter at the 2010 EMO Conference, Margarita Foley writes: "As I observe the damage blocked emotions do in my own life and in the lives of others I have searched for  ways to safely access and release these emotions.  

What keeps our emotions blocked? I suggest there are 3 causes. The first is fear. The second is lack of awareness. The third is resistance."

To read Margarita's excellent full article, please click on Learn More...

From Change To Transformation Conference Presentation Announced

Sister Margarita Foley has just been confirmed as a presenter at the upcoming EMO Energy Conference this coming April. Margarita will be utilizing her considerable experience as an EMO Trainer, Relationship Consultant and Events Psychology Practitioner to help you understand how to move with change, letting it flow through your life, instead of trying to stop it, which can often leave us overwhelmed.

'From Change To Transformation & New Life With EMO' will show us how to accept change within ourselves and help us to help others with their own changes.

Cinderella & the Energy of Celebrity

With the growth of celebrity based programming on television, more and more people wish they too could be in the spotlight. EMO Trainer Margarita Foley looks into the need for us all to take a refreshing Energy Shower and realise that we are already celebrities!

EMO - Is It Safe For Christians?

In this intriguing article Sister Margarita Foley asks:

"Why are Christians afraid of EMO, EFT & other Energy Therapies?"

Why, Oh Why?

Why do I never remember to tap or ‘soften and flow’ in moments of crisis? But that’s what a crisis is, isn’t it. We loose the flow and forget what we know and end up sitting on a pile of muck.

GoE practitioner Margarita Foley takes a close look at methods of mentally releasing Energy blockages...

Anger - Is It In My Head Or Is It In My Body?

Have you ever said, “I am so angry with ……(someone or something)!”? I bet you have and then you have gone into a long diatribe about the content of whatever makes you angry – most angry people do. Someone may say, “This anger is all in your head, in your thoughts,” which makes angry people get even more angry still.

Christmas Energy Exercise - Shine A Light On Christmas

Margarita Foley Writes: “Christmas” and you are either filled with joy or you shudder at the thought of all you have to do, cards to be sent, presents to buy, house to be decorated, pre-Christmas celebrations. Oh, dear me and the true deep enjoyment of Christmas is hidden under it all. So this year let’s take an EMO journey back in time and bring rich presents back with us for our year ahead. This will help us put the credit crunch and all that in perspective...

EMO In My Life

Two children were watching a story on television about monkeys. They were aged 5 and a ½ and 3 and ½ years old. Something awful was going to happen to the favourite monkey and the little boy ran from the room and could not bear to watch it. Fortunately his Dad was aware and had the story of what happened. So he sat the little boy down and they read the story together. When it came to the scary or upsetting bits Dad was able to show the little boy how the story ended and it was much better.

This made me think about children and scary things they see and hear and how we could use Emotrance with them in the context of their everyday lives...

Grief Pain Treatment with EMO

Margarita Foley Writes:Some practitioners of ‘traditional’ psychotherapies have difficulty with the idea of energy and energy movement. Of course it is understandable if the training is around talking and finding catharsis through reliving past events that a therapist could find a problem integrating energy therapy. There seems to be a fear that the dynamic of the counselling or the therapy will be disrupted or changed in some way. I have experienced this fear when doing bereavement counselling as part of an organisation. What if I disrupt the flow of the therapy? Oh!!